1. Reservations

Through the website, reservations are confirmed after payment has been validated and there is no minimum stay period.
The prices shown on the website are final and already include taxes, at the prevailing rate.

For cancellations use our email or phone. For reservations on our website, there is a single refundable rate with the following cancellation conditions:

  1. it is possible to cancel the reservation with a full refund up to 7 days before Check In;

The customer can change the booking date, free of charge, up to 7 days before Check In and limited to availability.

In cases of force majeure, we may cancel the reservation, the entire payment being returned and, as such, communicated to the customer.

Our official website is cimodavinha.pt and our official contacts are those that appear there. Reservations are limited to occupancy and schedule.

  1. Occupation and Use

Check In, for all accommodation, takes place from 3:30 pm and Check Out is at 11 am (it is mandatory to return the key and other equipment that has been entrusted to you). In relation to the possibility of a Late Check Out, please make the request at the reception or through the contacts provided.

All guests must complete an admission form and present documentation at Check In.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside all accommodations, including in the Glamping Tents and there is an outdoor area for smokers, duly signposted. It is also forbidden to light fire in the entire establishment and outside, under penalty of expulsion.

Rest period: from midnight to 7 am it is strictly forbidden to reproduce sound at an excessive volume.

All guests have free access to the private car park (without coverage and limited to capacity). The car park area has a closed video surveillance circuit. We are not responsible for objects inside the vehicle or for damages that may appear in them.

Within the car park and roads with access to vehicles, within the resort, it is expressly forbidden: a) exceed the speed of 10 km / h; b) carry out vehicle repairs or washes and c) use audible signals or leave alarms on.

Each accommodation (of any type) accommodates two people only. It is possible to add an extra child’s bed in the Suites. Guests are not allowed to stay overnight.

In the event that guests are visited by any person outside the reservation, that person’s details must be recorded at the reception when requesting authorization for that person’s entrance.

Due to the fact that we cannot guarantee 100% the safety and permanence of the animals in the entire enclosure, as well as controlling their interaction with other guests, access to animals is not allowed. For exceptional situations, such as guide dogs, please contact us.

The customer is responsible for the cleanliness and good condition of the furniture, clothes, and other equipment.

Access to or permanence in the premises may be refused due to cases that affect its normal operation, such as: a) refusal to comply with the rules; b) host unregistered third parties; c) access restricted areas; d) improper civic conduct or are in a visibly altered state of intoxication or others; e) light a fire.

Not allowed: a) transpose barriers or fences that delimit the area of the facilities; b) damage or remove elements from the vegetation, vineyard and garden; c) hang or install any type of object or system without prior authorization; d) smoking outside the smoking area; e) obstruct paths or emergency exits; f) leave or dump garbage out of the available containers and bins.

Cimo da Vinha disclaims any liability for accidents or damage resulting from negligent or dangerous behavior and use and rejects any liability under the custody and condition of objects or valuables belonging to guests.

The electricity supply to the Glamping Tents is made through a hub and guests cannot overload or use more plugs than will be available to them. For the connection and supply of equipment different from the usual ones (chargers, laptops) – homologated and in perfect condition and functioning – authorization must be requested. Any damage to the installation of the project or any accident of a personal or material nature resulting from the poor condition of the material brought, or misuse, will be the responsibility of the customer.

The use of the pool is exclusive for guests and is based on the basic principles of hygiene and civility. The use of the swimming pool must respect the following criteria: a) take a shower before entering the pool; b) use of slippers in the surrounding area and c) wearing bathing suits is mandatory. In the pool it is expressly forbidden: a) its use by people who appear to be carriers of contagious diseases, skin, open lesion, diseases of the eyes, ears and nasal cavities from which risks to public health may arise; b) the use of creams, oils and other products that contaminate water, except for those that have a dermo-protective effect; c) making jumps (in and out) and making dangerous maneuvers; d) take food or drinks into it.

Children must always be accompanied by their parents or by an adult who is responsible for their vigilance, safety and behavior, especially when using the pool.

  1. Pricing

Prices vary according to the table that distinguishes seasons and weekends.

Parking in the private park is free for all guests, limited to their capacity.