Rivers, Mountains and Grapevines

Cimo da Vinha is a family-managed Nature Tourism complex, where a farm from several generations back has been transformed with accommodations and equipment to - with all the comfort and harmony - receive visitors looking for a total immersive experience in the tranquility of the countryside

Fused in balance with the Natural elements, its fluid and modern arquitecture respects and pays tribute to local landscape and constructions, making it possible to spend the night in: charming wooden Glamping tents integrated within the vineyard; staying in a cozy Granary-house or even chose between one of our three Suites with view to the stunning Mountains and the (almost) infinite horizon. Wood and lots of light are key elements and instruments that bring our structures closer to the surrounding Green, but their comfort and functionality are also a vital part of our concept.

Inside the property walk along paths lined with vines, flowers or cherry trees, which will lead you to the Gastrobar, pool and terrace, in a serene fusion between Natural and Human creation.

Listen to Nature, radiate yourself with the light, bathe in crystal clear waters and relax with all the comfort and friendliness we have to offer you.


What we Offer

1. Wines, Snacks and Cocktails
With bar service and gourmet snacks, our menu adds a touch of modernity to local recipes ensuring that the ingredients are fresh and sourced from nearby producers. Cool off in the pool or terrace and have one of the region's famous and bubbly Green Wines or opt for a trans-Atlantic cocktail.
2. "farm to table" Breakfast
Delight yourself with a breakfast where the bread is crispy, the jams are vibrant and made with hand-picked ingredients and the eggs have the most creamy yolks you can dream of, which only free-range chickens can provide. Most ingredients are local and fresh.
3. Take a deep breathe and Relax
Away from stress and the urban frenzy, charge batteries to the sound of blackbirds and kites while diving in our pool or choose one of the many services we offer you such as wellness treatments, picnics, hiking, cycling, extreme Nature sports (climbing, rafting) or off-road tours along river and mountain trails.
4. Between Douro and Paiva rivers
Although located in the most peaceful tranquility of green fields and forest, Cimo da Vinha is less than an hour away from the city of Oporto and is easily accessible. Located in Castelo de Paiva, its location places visitors both 20 minutes from the Douro River and just 7 km from the village of Espiunca, one of the entrances to the famous Paiva Walkways.

Nature Hotel near the Douro River and the Paiva Walkways.