Wine Fair - Castelo de Paiva

The Wine Fair

Event Date: First weekend of July

Distance to Cimo da Vinha: 9 km

Ticket: Free entrance

The Wine Fair is the annual festivity that brings the most number of visitors to the town of Castelo e Paiva. In the first weekend of July, the historic center square, 9km away from Cimo da Vinha, morphs into an electric torrent of people that during the four days of the event, with a wine glass in their hand, taste all the wines from the best local producers, listening to street shows and concerts. The best delicacies and crafts are also represented in several shop throughout the town center.

The Wine Fair weekend is always expected with lots of anticipation by the Paiva locals because they know that days of great joy and festivities are coming. It is common for them to invite outside friends to join the celebration. Dozens of the best local Vinho Verde winemakers promote their newest production by cooling off the thirst of the thousands of participants that circle around the town square to taste from all brands, toasting with the other people they pass by. In other stands it is possible to taste the marvelous variety of smokehouse sausages and the restaurant stands serve traditional oven dishes and steaks.

castelo de paiva town center
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Street bands and folk groups mix with the crowd in a vivid frenzy, also with schedule for big stage converts in a lateral area, more focused on regional craft stands.

It is a classic festivity loved by the locals also because it is common that many people that moved away to the cities or even abroad return home during this weekend to party with family and friends To the outside visitors it is also an intense experience of great joy because of the quality of the products but also because of the recognized welcoming spirit of the locals.

It is also part of the tradition that during this sunny weekend the younger generation take some hours off to chill and reset energies in the many river beaches that Castelo de Paiva has to offer, both in the Douro and Paiva rivers.

photo by © Câmara Municipal de Castelo de Paiva